About Michael Wicander

Michael Wicander is a Frankfurt based panorama photographer with a growing collection of 180 - 360 degree panoramic images from Frankfurt and many German & International Cities.

Author of 2 panoramic photo books edited by Edition Braus.

The photos are sold in several well known galleries in Frankfurt or directly by the photographer.



We work with high quality DSLR & high end Medium Format Cameras.


Our main focus is on worldwide panorama & aerial photography with Heli-, Gyro- & Multicopters (Drones).

For panorama photo inquiries please contact:   Some of the cities covered are:
michael(at)   Barcelona · Dubai · Frankfurt · New York · Paris · Rome ·
    New York · Singapore · Stockholm · Sydney · Venice
For Octo-, Gyro- and Helicopter aerial photography please contact:    

Other Websites:

Phase One P45+ - XF with IQ100 100 Megapixel

Sony A7RMII Sony A6500


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